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The CSUF HHMI research mentors and their research interests

Joel Abraham
Dr. Joel Abraham, Biology
Use of computer based simulations and immersive research experiences to address student conceptual confusions in biology/complex systems.
Catherine Brennan
Dr. Catherine Brennan, Biology
Innate immunity; Phagocytosis; Genetic Approaches to Cell Biology; Blood Cells; Drosophila
Esther Chen
Dr. Esther Chen, Biology
Molecular biology of microbe-host interactions; Bacterial genes and signals involved in forming a symbiosis with plants.
Amybeth Cohen
Dr. Amybeth Cohen, Biology
Regulation of photosynthetic gene expression in plants; use of Chlamydomonas as a bioreactor for the production of eukaryotic proteins.
Math Cuajungco
Dr. Math Cuajungco, Biology
Role of metal transporters and ion channels in neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease.
Peter DeLijser
Dr. Peter DeLijser, Chemistry
Mechanistic studies on the reactive intermediates expected to be involved in enzymatic redox processes.
Kathryn Dickson
Dr. Kathryn Dickson, Biology
Evolution and development of endothermy in fishes; swimming performance in fishes; Comparative physiology and biochemistry.
Amanda Evans
Dr. Amanda Evans, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Asymmetric chemistry: synthetic flow technology for biomaterial applications. Development of new reaction methodologies for synthesizing and using organocatalytic polymers in flow chemistry contexts. Development of asymmetric flow photochemistry.
Kristy Forsgren
Dr. Kristy Forsgren, Biology
Fish reproductive physiology and endocrinology, histology, and toxicology
Barbara Gonzalez
Dr. Barbara Gonzalez, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Impact and assessment of visualization (via development of web-based technological tools) for conceptual understanding in chemistry.
Paula Hudson
Dr. Paula Hudson, Chemistry
Properties and chemistry of aerosols naturally present in the atmosphere (such as sea salt and burned biomass) interacting with man-made pollutants, to better understand human effects on global climate change.
Morteza Jamshidian
Dr. Morteza Jamshidian, Mathematics
Computational statistics; data analysis; regression; analysis of incomplete data; biostatistics; computational psychometrics; survey sampling.
Philip Janowicz
Dr. Philip Janowicz, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Use of the Internet in teaching concepts of organic chemistry (online homework, exams, 3D modeling).
Hope Johnson
Dr. Hope Johnson, Biology
Molecular biology and biochemistry of microbe mineral interactions; how and why bacteria oxidize the metal manganese.
Niroshika Keppetipola
Dr. Niroshika Keppetipola, Biochemistry
Characterizing post-translational modifications in splicing regulatory proteins, and their effect on alternative splicing
Maria Linder
Dr. Maria Linder, Biochemistry
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of copper transport to the fetus and newborn, as well as iron transport, storage and release, and their regulation in the mammal, using cell culture models and transgenic mice.
Christopher Meyer
Dr. Christopher Meyer, Biochemistry
Structure/function studies ADP Glucose pyrophosphorylase, the rate-limiting enzyme of the glycogen and starch biosynthetic pathways in plants; elucidation of the various catalytic and allosteric sites; regulation of carbon metabolism in bacteria and plants.
Alison Miyamoto
Dr. Alison Miyamoto, Biology
Activation of mammalian Notch signaling by typical and atypical ligands.
Nikolas Nikolaidis
Dr. Nikolas Nikolaidis, Biology
Functional characterization of heat shock proteins.
Alexandra Orchard
Dr. Alexandra Orchard, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Synthetic organic medicinal chemistry-the design and synthesis of small molecule α-helix mimetics for targeting the E6 oncoprotein in high risk strains of human papillomavirus (HPV).
Veronica Jimenez Ortiz
Dr. Veronica Jimenez Ortiz, Biology
Role of ion channels in sensing and adaptation to environmental conditions in protozoan parasites; mechanosensation; electrophysiology.
Nilay Patel
Dr. Nilay Patel, Biology
Regulation of apolipoprotein-E gene expression, and its role in Alzheimer's Disease.
Madeline Rasche
Dr. Madeline Rasche, Biochemistry
Biochemical, genetic and genomic approaches to identify genes involved in one-carbon metabolism of methane producing organisms.
Melanie Sacco
Dr. Melanie Sacco, Biology
Molecular biology of plant-pathogen interactions; protein-protein interactions and signaling in disease resistance.
Nicholas Salzameda
Dr. Nicholas Salzameda, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Synthesis of novel peptide catalysts for asymmetric C-C bond forming reactions; discovery of biologically active molecules to disrupt protein-protein interactions, for targets related to human health and disease.
Marcelo Tolmasky
Dr. Marcelo Tolmasky, Biology
Molecular genetics and mechanisms that contribute to the virulence of pathogenic bacteria.
Anael Verdugo
Dr. Anael Verdugo, Mathematics
Dynamic modeling of stress responses, mathematical analysis of small biological networks, computational studies of biological oscillators.