Taylor graduation

B.S. Biological Science concentration in Cellular and Developmental Biology.

Graduated Spring 2010, Summa cum Laude.

Project: Study Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel proteins and their interaction partners in Math Cuajungco’s lab.

Currently I am working in Dr. Cuajungco’s lab finishing my project and writing my thesis. I help teach the HHMI high school students who joined the lab for the summer. I also recently began volunteering at CHOC one as a member of the homework club tutoring children in the cancer ward. While taking a full load of upper division courses and working on my HHMI research project this spring, I also helped coach a children’s water polo class (ages 9 to 16) through the school of Kid’s College of North Orange County. I love teaching kids about the two things I am most passionate about: biology and water polo. I also try to stay active by running, mountain biking and playing water polo on a masters team in Irvine.

Both of my parents have PhDs in biochemistry and conduct biomedical research. Since my early childhood I have been exposed to the basic concepts of cellular and molecular biology, and grew up with an understanding and intuition for science.  Because of this, I have the ability to relate these concepts to students new to the subject. After three years at CSUF I have come to the conclusion that many students lack good training in fundamental science concepts. My natural ability to relate to kids and my understanding of biological science compels me to continue teaching and inspiring the next generation of students to study biology.  I plan on taking the GRE this fall and applying to graduate programs in California, Oregon and Washington.