My name is Matthew Siracusa, and I am Biology Major at CSU Fullerton. I am in my second year of the Two-Year HHMI Research Scholars Program and work in Dr. Nikolas Nikolaidis’s research lab. My project involves looking at the effects of genetic variants of the human 70-kDa-heat-shock protein, HSPA1A, to see if any point mutations that exist in the human population alter this protein’s function. The results of my project could potentially show how humans differ in their response to stress and disease.

I received the CSUF Faculty Development Center Student Research Grant in 2012. I was recently the recipient of the 2014 Doris A. Howell Foundation - CSUPERB Research Scholar Award, and was also chosen to present as a Glen Nagel Award Finalist at the 2014 CSUPERB Research Symposium.

I presented my work last year at the nationwide 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, and plan to present my work again at this conference when it comes to San Diego in April 2014.

After graduation, I plan to get my PhD in the field of Molecular Pathology or Biochemistry.