Elaine has graduated with a BS biochemistry degree and a GPA of 3.84; but her real passion has become organic chemistry, where she has made outstanding progress in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Hyland.  Because of her potential and record of achievement, she was selected as one of ten students supported by the NSF funded REU summer research program in chemistry, and then became one of the first four students in the prestigious, two-year intensive CSUF-Howard Hughes Medical Institute program for Undergraduate Research Scholars, designed to expose and encourage gifted students to pursue careers in biomedical research.  Elaine presented the accomplishments of her work, involving Lewis acid-catalyzed reactions of highly strained cyclopropenes, at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, in March 2010, and a manuscript containing a portion of her results has been submitted for publication in Angewandte Chemie.

She expects to pursue doctoral studies in organic chemistry, and is spending this summer in the laboratory of Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She will be applying to Ph.D. programs around the country in the fall, including those at Scripps, UC-Berkeley, CalTech, and MIT.

Update: In Fall 2012, Elaine will begin a PhD program in Organic Chemistry at UCI.