Gabrielle Donnelly is a third-year undergraduate student at California State University, Fullerton and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science with minors in biotechnology and chemistry. She is a first-year scholar in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Program and is an active member of the University Honors Program, where she is involved in event planning as well as freshman academic advising.

During her second year at Cal State Fullerton, Gabrielle was introduced to scientific research through the Research Careers Preparatory Program, a one-year undergraduate research program. During the fall semester, she studied site-specific metastasis of carcinoma tumor cells in the laboratory of David Drath, and during the spring semester, she studied the functional differentiation of 70-kDa heat shock proteins in the laboratory of Nikolas Nikolaidis. After completing the RCP Program, Gabrielle participated in a summer research program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked in the laboratory of Mriganka Sur, where she investigated the regulation of MAPK and PI3K pathways in a mouse model for Rett syndrome. Through the support of the HHMI Program, Gabrielle will continue to work with Dr. Nikolaidis and aims to identify and characterize the lipid-biding regions of the molecular chaperone heat shock 70-kDa protein 1A.

Gabrielle upholds an interest in molecular biology and neuroscience. After completing her undergraduate studies, she intends to obtain a Ph.D. in biological science and a post-doctorate in industry.