Ashley Chui is a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Biochemistry. She began her undergraduate experience in the spring of 2012 through the Research Careers Preparatory Program under the guidance of Dr. Michael Bridges, studying the characterization of aggregates of the intrinsically disordered protein, stathmin. She was able to exhibit the reversibility of the aggregation of stathmin in its native environment as well as show that stathmin demonstrates a concentration-dependent behavior. Currently as a HHMI Two-Year Scholar, her project has evolved into the verification of the oligomerization of stathmin through a number of techniques, one being site-directed spin labeling electron paramagnetic resonance. Through her experience in this lab, she has developed a strong interest in biophysics and would like to continue conducting research in a biophysical chemistry lab for graduate school.

Ashley is also actively involved in her community as a mentor in the Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program as well as a tutor at the After School Education and Safety Program. These experiences have shaped her ambitions for a career in academia, and she hopes to attend graduate programs in the fall of 2015 that will prepare her for this chosen career.