Education and Professional Positions

I received my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in June 1988, and then joined the BMDP Statistical Software as a mathematical statistician. During the years 1988-1996, I held several visiting positions at the UCLA Mathematics Department, UCLA Psychology Department, and Isfahan University of Technology. I joined the faculty of the Statistics Department at University of Central Florida, as an assistant professor, in 1996, and there I was tenured and promoted to the rank of associate professor in 2000. In fall 2002 I joined the faculty of Department of Mathematics at California State university, Fullerton, and was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2005.

Current Research Interests

My current research areas include computational statistics, analysis of incomplete data, simultaneous inference, and statistical data modeling.

Selected Publications

Jamshidian, M. and Jalal, S. (2010). Tests of homoscedasticity, normality, and missing completely at random for incomplete multivariate data. Psychometrika, to appear.

Jamshidian, M., Liu, W. Bretz, F. (2010). Simultaneous confidence bands for all contrasts of three or more simple linear regression models over an interval. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, 1475-1483.

 Jamshidian, M. and Mata, M. (2008). Post modeling sensitivity analysis to detect the effect of missing data mechanisms. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 43, 432-452.

Liu, W., Jamshidian, M., and Zhang, Y., Bertz, F., Han, X. (2007). Pooling batches in drug stability study by using constant-width simultaneous confidence bands.  Statistics in Medicine, 26 (14), 2759-2771.

Jamshidian, M. (2004). On algorithms for restricted maximum likelihood estimation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis,  45, 137-157.

Honors and Awards

I am a recipient of the CNSM Outstanding Research Award. I also serve as an associate editor for The American Statistician, and Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. Also, I am a past Associate editor of Journal of Statistical Software and Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.