Education and Professional Positions

Ph.D., Chemistry. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1997

M.Sc., Chemistry. Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, 1993

B.Sc., Chemistry, Van Leeuwenhoek Institute, Delft, the Netherlands, 1991

Current Research Interests

Dr. de Lijser's research interests are in the area of environmental organic photochemistry. Currently we are studying the structure and reactivity of naturally occurring compounds (drugs, pesticides, dyes) containing a carbon-nitrogen double bond (oximes, oxime ethers, hydrazones, azines) upon photochemical excitation and one-electron oxidation. Specific interests include the generation of reactive species (radicals, radical ions) via surface-catalyzed photochemical reactions (pesticides; environmental) and enzyme-catalyzed oxidations (drugs; toxicology) of model compounds.

Selected Publications

H.J.P de Lijser, N.A. Rangel, M. Tetalman and C.K. Tsai, Mechanisitic Aspects of the Formation of Aldehydes and Nitriles in Photosensitized Reactions of Aldoxime Ethers, J. Org. Chem., 72, 4126-4134 (2007).

H.J.P de Lijser, S. Hsu, B.V. Marquez, A. Park, N. Sanguantrakun, and J. R. Sawyer, Effects of Structure in Benzaldehyde Oximes on th Formation of Aldehydes and Nitriles Under Photoinduced Electron Transfer Conditions, J. Org. Chem., 71, 7785-7792 (2006).

A. Park, N.M. Kosareff, J.S. Kim, and H.J.P. de Lijser, Quinone-Sensitized Steady-Stat Photolysis of Acetophenone Oximes Under Aerobic Conditions: Kinetics and Product Studies, Photochem. Photobiol., 82, 110-118 (2006).

H.J.P. de Lijser and N. A. Rangel, Photochemical Acetalization of Carbonyl Compounds in Protic Media Using an in Situ Generated Photocatalyst, J. Org. Chem., 69. 8315-8322 (2004).

H.J.P de Lijser and C.K. Tsai, Photosensitized Reactions of Oxime Ethers. A Steady-State and Laser Flash Photolysis Study, J. Org. Chem., 69. 3057-3067 (2004).

H.J.P. de Lijser, C.E. Dedeian, J.R. Sawyer, S.R. Herron, and K.A. Kantardjieff, Preparation and Structure of an Unexpected Dehydrogenation Product from 2,6-Diphenylcyclohexanone Oxime, J. Chem. Cryst., 34, 103-110 (2004).

Honors and Awards


(2003) Exploratory Investigation on the Environmental Photochemistry of Pesticides and Related Copounds on Alumina.CSU Fullerton, State Minigrant, 7/1/03, 7/1/03, 6/30/03, $5,000.

(2002) Surface-Catalyzed Photochemical Reactions of Oximes.CSU Fullerton, State Minigrant, 7/1/02, 7/1/02, 6/30/03, $5,000.

(2001) Photooxidation Reactions of Oximes.CSU Fullerton, State Minigrant, 7/1/01, 7/1/01, 6/30/02, $5,000.

John A Olmsted, (2001) Research Experience for Undergraduates.National Science Foundation, 7/1/01, 7/1/01, 6/30/04, $167,207.

(2000) Mechanistic Studies of Redox Activated Intermediates: Structure and Reactivity of Imine Radical Cations.ASC - Petroleum Research Fund Type G, 7/1/00, 7/1/00, 6/30/02, $25,000.

(2000) Electron Transfer Chemistry of the Carbon-Nitrogen Double Bond.Research Corporation, Cottrell College Science Award, 7/1/00, 7/1/00, 6/30/02, $42,300.

(2000) Electron Transfer Chemistry of Organophosphorus Copounds.CSU Fullerton, State Minigrant, 7/1/00, 7/1/00, 6/30/01, $5,000.

(1999) Start_Up Grant.CSU Fullerton, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 7/1/99, 7/1/99, 12/31/99, $50,000.