Education and Training

2009 Non-Degree, Technology, Innovation, and Education, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA

2009 Non-Degree, Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, Boston College, Lynch School of Education, Chestnut Hill, MA

2001 – 2008 Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

2000 Non-Degree, Tropical Biology, Organization for Tropical Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC

1996 - 2000 B.S.C., Biology, Howard University, Washington, DC

Professional Positions

Present: Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, California State University, Fullerton

2008 – 2011 Educational Research Coordinator, SimBiotic Software, Ithaca, NY

2008 – 2011 Postdoctoral Researcher, Scheller Teacher Education Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2010 Lecturer (Summer Session), BIO1AL (Introductory Biology Lab), University of California, Berkeley

2007 Graduate Mentor, McNair Scholars Program, University of California, Berkeley

2006 – 2009 Advisory Board Member, Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability (SEEDS), Ecological Society of America

2005 – 2006 GK-12 Graduate Fellow, "Exploring California Biodiversity", University of California, Berkeley/Adams Middle School

2005 Program Assistant, Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience, Organization for Tropical Studies

2004-Present Board Member, Advisory Committee for Academic Diversity, Organization for Tropical Studies

2003 Teaching Assistant, Tropical Biology Summer Course, Organization for Tropical Studies

2003 Guest Scientist, NEC Extreme Science

2002-2008 Graduate Student Instructor, Dept. of Integrative Biology/Environmental Science, University of California, Berkeley


In press: Abraham, J.K., Perez, K, Downey, N, Herron, J.C., Meir, E. Short lesson plan associated with increased acceptance of evolutionary theory and potential change in three alternate conceptions of macroevolution in undergraduate students. CBE: Life Sciences Education

2009 Abraham, J.K., Meir, E., Perry, J., Herron, J.C., Maruca, S., Stal, D. Addressing undergraduate student misconceptions about natural selection with an interactive simulated laboratory. Evolution: Education and Outreach.

2009 Abraham, J.K., Corbin, J.D., D'Antonio, C.D. California native and exotic perennial grasses differ in their response to increased nitrogen, exotic annual grass density, and order of emergence. Plant Ecology 201: 445-456.

2008 Abraham, J.K. On the importance of phenology and resource use in the invasion of California coastal grasslands, Ph.D. Dissertation, Dept. of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Grants and Awards

• National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences, 2011.

• National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I Grant: Using Simulations for Large-Scale Assessment of Higher-Order Thinking Skills, 2010.

• Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, 2008, UC Berkeley.

• National Science Foundation GK-12 Graduate Fellowship, 2005, UC Berkeley.

• Lawrence R. Heckard Research Grant, 2004, Jepson Herbarium.

• Chancellor's Opportunity Graduate Fellowship, 2001, UC Berkeley.

• Pre-doctoral Graduate Fellowship, 2001, Ford Foundation.

• National Institute of Health Minority International Research Training Fellowship, 2000.

• Course Scholarship, 2000, Organization for Tropical Studies/National Science Foundation.

• Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, 2000, Howard University Chapter.